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  Our Bodies Have Rights

Uniting Body Projects

Hello Friend!

Welcome to Body Rights Info, a website dedicated to informing, inspiring and supporting people of all identities in the fight for body rights.

Based out of Bellingham, Washington, Washington Body Rights has worked to identify Body Rights as a basic human right akin to life, liberty, and security since 2008, utilizing community activism to spread the message. 

The idea of Body Rights means different things to different people, depending on factors like region, religion, culture and identity. There is no universally accepted definition of Body Rights, and we don't plan to offer our own since we believe every person's relationship with their own body is sacred and unique, therefore each person's choice in how they describe and express their body is also uniquely theirs.

We invite you to peruse our pages, to find information and inspiration, to explore what your body means to you and what other people's bodies mean to them.

Not sure where to start?

To learn more about our events like the World Naked Bike Ride, Body Positive Block Party, and Top Optional Walk, click here.

To see our info fliers that can help you start a dialogue about Body Rights, click here.

To learn more about the laws surrounding Body Rights, like WA's Indecent Exposure law, click here.


We are always learning about Body Rights too, so feel free to share your ideas about how we can make this site even better.

Please help us prepare for upcoming court cases, set to challenge the legality of the double standard interpretation of Washington State's indecent exposure code, as it relates to the exposure of the female nipple.

Attend meetings,

Help fund raise,

Share our online media,

Talk about Body Rights,

download / spread our literature, if you like it.

We are devoted to the inherent rights of all human bodies.  We gently push past the cultural norms that block bodies from harmlessly expressing their natural capacities and we fight for the safety of vulnerable bodies.

  Our Platform

  • Vulnerable bodies deserve respect and safety.

  • Women may choose to hold life or not.  

  • Female nipples may be as exposed as male nipples without legal or public harassment.

  • Catcalling and other intimidation must become a thing of the past.

  • Humans may choose whether to be covered in public spaces.

  • Humans may walk barefoot where they desire.

  • People may choose to take their own life or not.

  • People may consume the chemicals of their choice. 

  • All bodies are sacred

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