Saturday, June 6th, 306 Flora St, B-Ham (2020 Canceled for Corona)

We come together to observe the cultural story about our bodies, and live our own story. A full day of Live Music, Art, Vending, Workshops, Heartfelt Speeches, and more! Participants will have the option of using their bodies as a canvas and joining the 12th B-ham Naked Bike Ride.  This year's theme: We Are Ancient

Saturday, June 6th, 306 Flora St, B-Ham  (2020 Canceled for Corona)

Held during our Body Positive Block Party. Celebrate 12 years of "protesting our indecent exposure to fossil fuels", demonstrating bicyclist vulnerability, and redefining our body image!!  Let us know if you have any super ideas of some sweet things we can do to celebrate!

Join us for a stroll through town to normalize a part of the body that is already really very normal. We will begin at 11am with a picnic at Laurel Park before visiting participating shops as we make our way through town. We have volunteer roles for people of any gender, just be respectful. 

2020 Top Optional Walk B-Ham

Saturday, August 22th, 11am, Bellingham