Public Nonsexual Nudity ​

We make a practice of deconstructing the stories that inform our ways of life in modern society.  We ask questions like: how does the media standard of what a body should be affect our perseptions of our selves, and who has been benifetting from these cultural myths?  Symultainious to grappling with these questions, we are defining times and spaces where non-sexual nudity can be practiced safely, without raising eyebrows.  puting our questions into an action moves the conversation beyond the theoretical realm into a tangible social shift.

Body Rewild 

In deconstructing our culture of excess, BBR seeks to understand what it takes for human bodies to be in greater harmony with their natural surroundings.

Support Choice 

We are not specifically an abortion rights organization, but we acknowledge the tenuous state of access to family planning across the US.  We make it a point to support efforts to protect and fight for women's rights to choose what happens within their bodies.

Bare Feet in Public 

Walking barefoot is not only freeing, it is arguably essential for joint health and posture. We are considering what can be done to promote barefoot walking as a practice and to build support in sectors of society that would otherwise dissuade barefooting.

Free The Nipple WA.

We are building a campaign to legally challenge the double standard inherent in the common interpretation of indecent exposure as it relates to the female nipple. We are confident that we will prove the prosecution of bare-chested women unconstitutional in the state of Washington.  Building our legal fund will be essential to our success..

B'Ham Naked Bike Ride 

Since 2009 Bellingham cyclists have been pouring into the streets in the nude to protest our "indecent exposure" to fossil fuels, highlight bicyclist vulnerability, and to promote a culture of positive body image.  Since the beginning the ride has grown from an impossibility to a mainstay that inspires conversations throughout the community. Rides happen yearly on the 1st Friday in June.  For more info, visit 









Campaign to End Catcalls

We are working to address the harassment people with more vulnerable bodies often receive when they leave the house.  We are developing literature and working on how to distribute it.  Keep posted for links!


NCW Body Rights

We are bringing the conversation of body rights into North Central Washington.  We have begun media outreach and merch / flier distribution.  We are gauging interest for events such as naked bike rides, top optional gatherings, mass skinny-dipping, naked hikes, etc. We seek to be a support for area organizers that wish to raise the conversation in a safe and respectful manner.