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We are dedicated to the free and harmless expression of all bodies everywhere.  Whether it is as light an issue as doing one's public errands barefoot or wearing less on a hot summer's day, or as pressing as protecting a woman's right to choose, it represents a legal and cultural shift, and lots of ethical unpacking.  Body image, the scapegoating of women, objectification and sexualization, are reoccurring themes when we start to address even the lightest subjects.  We are touching many issues that have gained little media attention, and in doing so we are inviting our communities to question some of our society’s (and our psyches') deepest assumptions. 

Whether you wish you could still skinny dip in the old swimming hole without fear of arrest, or your body is failing and you would like to terminate your life early, we are working to help you have the leeway to define your life.  

Our current campaign is to challenge the common interpretation of WA State's Indecent Exposure Law as it applies to the female nipple.  Through this campaign we are also bringing heady feminist conversations to the people, through the same media-scape that props up the most patriarchal parts of our culture.

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